Eating is an everyday event and it’s not possible to think the eating habits, the food and the eating utensils, the set of cutlery, apart. however, along with those actors also cultural norms are vivid formative of the eating act with many rules. The project aims to create a cutlery set for sensual and mindful eating as exploring how eating tools can shape if we reconstruct the norms and our interaction with them. How can cutlery appear if it is designed to be more than a tool for placing food in our mouth?

The haz -which means ‘hoşa giden duygulanma, hoşlanma, zevk’ pleasure in Turkish- is a set for sensual eating that are developed from the reinterpretation of how we interact with our food as well as the norms that shape this interaction in our daily lives. The set includes 6 pieces of tools, 3 with the silicone heads, and a self standing stand to hang the tools. The form, texture and material decisions are made as a combination of literature review and the eating habit observations.

Hazal Kırıkçı
  • DateJune 29, 2020
  • Category2019